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    August 2001
Issue 6
ISSN 1365-3881    



Christiane Meckseper, Helen Evans, Tim Allen


Research Papers
The Archaeology of the clay pipe and the study of smoking
Craig Cessford
Tavernas in ancient Greece c.475-146BC: an archaeological perspective
Clare Kelly-Blazeby
Academic performances, artistic presentations
Yannis Hamilakis, Mark Pluciennik, Sarah Tarlow
Some observations on the concept of 'embedded' and 'disembedded' economies in 
archaeological discourse
Chris Cumberpatch
In Defence of the 'Natural Attitude': charting a return from the madness of interpretation
David Webster
A return from madness or a retreat into Cartesianism?
A reply to Webster
Julian Thomas
The unbearable lightness of a Heideggerian meditation: hermeneutic failings and the idle 
content of would-be avant-garde theorising
A reply to Thomas
David Webster
Churches as pre-historic ritual monuments: a phenomenological perspective
from Somerset
Nick Corcos



'Power of Place': Critique and response
Chris Cumberpatch


Past Conference review: 

SOMA 2000
the results of the symposium in retrospective - with abstracts of the papers
Giorgos Vavouranakis and the various conference participants



Plants in Neolithic Britain and beyond 
edited by Andrew Fairbairn 
Helen Evans
Raising the Dead: The skeleton crew of King Henry VIII's Great Ship, the Mary Rose
by A.J. Stirland 
Malin Holst
Human ecology and Neolithic transition in eastern County Donegal, Ireland: The Lough
Swilly Archaeological Survey
by Michael Kimball
Caroline Wickham-Jones
Blood Red Roses: The archaeology of a mass grave from Towton AD 1461
edited by Veronica Fiorato, Anthea Boylston, Christopher Knüsel
Mark Brennand
Geographical information systems and landscape archaeology
edited by Mark Gillings, David Mattingly, Jan van Dalen
Graham McElearney
Contagious Ideas: On evolution, culture, archaeology and Cultural Virus Theory
by Ben Sandford Cullen
Jennie Hawcroft

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