Courtenay-Elle Crichton-Turley

Courtenay-Elle received a MAhons in Ancient History and Archaeology from The University of St Andrews, before coming to The University of Sheffield to complete an MA in European Prehistory. When daring to venture outside of the MA research rooms and libraries, Courtenay has enjoyed working in professional archaeology for the past 4 years, with excavation taking her all over the UK and Italy, with main research interests focused on the bioarchaeology of care in prehistory. Courtenay is a copy editor and general contributor for assemblage.



Helene Deom

Helene received her BA in Archaeology from the Universit√© de Namur (Belgium) and her MA in National Archaeology from the Universit√© Catholique de Louvain (Belgium). During her dissertation, she had the opportunity to focus on prehistoric collective burials and megaliths. She was introduced to physical anthropology and zooarchaeology during a training course at the Royal Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels and wanted to deepen her knowledge about bones and burials, so she’s currently undertaking another MA in Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology at the University of Sheffield. Always interested in publications and computer stuff, Helene is also a copy editor of assemblage.



Sam Garwood

After graduating from Bard College with a BA in History, Sam joined AmeriCorps and volunteered with at-risk youth in Washington State for two years. She then went running (and screaming) headlong back into the loving arms of academia, receiving a Masters in European Historical Archaeology at the University of Sheffield.  Sam is now a first year PhD student, studying cultural exchange in the post-medieval Adriatic region through examining the glass cargo of shipwrecks.  Her interests include the medieval and post-medieval periods, architecture, the Ottoman Empire, getting out in nature, and working towards her goal of visiting every single pub in Sheffield.  Sam is a copy editor for assemblage.




Martin Huggon

Martin received a BA in Archaeology from the University of Sheffield before moving back down south to receive a MA in Maritime Archaeology from the University of Southampton. Working for several years in commercial archaeology around the UK, he then realised the real world was not for him and returned to the University of Sheffield in 2012 to complete a MA in Medieval Archaeology (trying to collect as many MA’s in MA studies as he can in the process). He is now working towards a PhD investigating the archaeology of medieval hospitals in England and Wales from 1066 to the Dissolution, with a primary focus on architecture and material culture. Martin’s choice of holiday destination for the past few years has been the University of Sheffield’s training excavation at Thornton Abbey, working as a supervisor and occasional geophysics monkey. Other than trying to find the money for a real holiday, he is also interested in all forms of archaeological fieldwork, landscape archaeology, maritime archaeology, material culture studies, and monastic archaeology, as well as the occasional foray into the murky world of board games. Martin contributes online material for assemblage, along with editing the journal.




Hannah Plumer

Hannah received her BA in anthropology from Ohio University and her Masters from Brandeis University.  She has held various archaeological and teaching positions and is now in her first year of doctoral research at the University of Sheffield, studying human asteology.  Aside from osteology, her interests include pathology, Pre-Columbian New World archaeology, and running great distances for no apparent reason.  Her PhD research focuses on ancient Maya osteology and paleopathology, and this allows her to disappear into the jungle periodically throughout the year.  Hannah is a copy editor and contributor for assemblage.



Freya Massey

Freya recieved her BA in Archaeology and MA in Material Culture studies at the University of Sheffield, and is now in the second year of her PhD studying the social role and significance of domestic ritual and deliberate concealments in houses in Early Modern England. Her research interests are centred on later medieval and post-medieval Europe, and primarily focus on the role of material culture within societies with particular reference to the material culture of ritual, graffiti, identity construction and the socially recursive nature of constructed space. Her work at assemblage involves features editing, contibuting (angry) blogger and general web-monkey.




Rachel Sites

Rachel received her BS in Archaeology from Mercyhurst College (now University), her MA in European Prehistory from the University of Sheffield and is currently working (or not as the case may be) on her doctoral research into applying network analysis to social change via domestic architecture in southern Britain and Denmark at the BA/IA transition. Her research interests include archaeological theory with emphasis on social change, funerary archaeology, archaeology of the American southwest thanks to an internship at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, and blurring the separation between prehistoric and historic specialisations.  Rachel serves as Book Review Editor and contributing blogger, as well as jack (or jane) of all trades for assemblage.




Jessie Slater

Originally from Washington, DC, Jessie has a BA in Classical & Near Eastern Archaeology from Bryn Mawr College. She's been in Sheffield off and on since 2005, first completing an MSc in Archaeomaterials, and now working on a PhD entitled: Envaluing past practice: metal production in first millennium BC Britain (begun in 2010). When not chained to her desk reading or battling ArcGIS, Jessie likes to get outside and experience the ever-changing English weather. She enjoys metallography, experimental smelting (burning things for the public), and proper use of parallel structure. Jessie is Journal Editor, secretary, and general contributor for assemblage.




Samantha Stein

Samantha has a BA in Archaeology from Boston University, an MSc in Geoarchaeology from the University of Sheffield, and is currently completing her PhD at Sheffield. Her PhD research on characterizing Viking overwintering camps includes reconstructing palaeoenvironments through geoarchaeological and environmental techniques, a study of social and political Anglo-Saxon and Viking Age England, place-name studies, map studies, and landscape research and reconstruction. She has held field supervisor positions at the University of Sheffield, education and outreach position at the Archaeological Institute of America, undergraduate tutor at the University of Sheffield, and hardcore security personnel at a nightclub. Her research interests include sedimentology, geochemistry, sedimentary dating techniques, palynology, survey techniques and applications, castles, deserted medieval villages, early medieval England, Iron Age South Yorkshire, landscape studies, and cockatiels. Samantha is the Marketing Director and a web content contributer for assemblage.


Lenore Thompson

Originally from Alberta, Lenore Thompson received her BA in Anthropology from the University of British Columbia in 2006. Throughout this degree and upon graduating, she volunteered and worked for the Laboratory of Archaeology at the University. Wishing to pursue a career in professional archaeology, she subsequently worked in CRM before receiving a scholarship to study Mandarin in China for two years. Following her experiences abroad, she leapt back into Canadian field archaeology until deciding to come to The University of Sheffield in 2011 and undertake an MA in Material Culture Studies. Her postgraduate work served as a foundation for her PhD research studying the changing value and prestige of copper material and artefacts amongst First Nations of the Northwest Coast of North America during the colonial period. Aside from living underneath mountains of reading conducted by the warm light of her laptop, she enjoys exploring the greener of the lanes in the nearby Peak District National Park via her motorcycle, and the fine cuisine and ales available in Sheffield. Lenore serves as a copy editor and general contributor for assemblage.

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