Spring is in the air, and conference season is truly underway.  Students and professors in the archaeology department are polishing up presentations, and taking Sheffield’s research around the world. Stay tuned for upcoming conference reviews! 


The summer field season is also quickly approaching, so it’s time to start dusting off the trowels and hiking boots! Keep a look out on the Universities webpage for some great field school opportunities!


For some light spring reading, take a look at our book reviews on ‘Ebla and its Landscape by Matthiae, P. and Marchetti, and ‘Foundation Myths and Politics in ancient Ionia’ by Mac Sweeney.


Be sure to check out our facebook page for more interesting archaeological news and assemblage updates! And don’t forget to take your sunscreen this summer!!


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 Aaand....we're back! After technical difficulties (aka the Uni nearly deleting the whole shebang by accident), staff change-overs, and the start of a new year, we're finally back in the swing of things. Issue 14 is well underway, to be brought to you in early 2015.  For your holiday enjoyment, we have a blog entry on the department's experiments with Irish curragh design and a review of Ian Wood's 2013 The Modern Origins of the Early Middle Ages  We hope you all have a merry, bright, and safe holiday season and we'll be back in 2015.  In the mean time, stay tuned to our Facebook page and Twitter for up-to-date archaeological news.

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It is summer! A time of excavations, sun burns, amazing finds, and some good ol’ fashion vacation time. We here at assemblage are still faithfully working to bring you the next instalment of our amazing! journal (and taking time to conduct an Iron Age smelt in honour of the Tour de France that came through Sheffield). To tide you over, we would like to offer a review of the 2014 79th Annual SAA conference in Austin Texas, and a book review of Stodder and Palkovich’s The Bioarchaeology of Individuals.  Remember to look to this space, our facebook , and our twitter (@assemblageshef) for updates on the archaeological world.

Pedal powered Tour de Steel!

May there be a dirty trowel and a cold one in your future!


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 We are pleased to announce the publication of the Proceedings of the 2012 Postgraduate Zooarchaeology Forum!  The eight articles span both the globe and human history, investigating mankind's interaction with the animal kingdom in all its variety.  Many thanks go to Lizzie Wright and Angela Trentacoste for both organizing the Forum and producing a brilliant supplement for assemblage. 

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